Our very first Blog post!

A look in to the basics of interior furnishings...

To celebrate the launch of our blog, we’ve put together our ideas about interiors and some things to think about when selecting the right products for your space and needs. When it comes to interior furnishings, it’s important to get the right balance of form & function to create a space that will work for you for years to come.

Comfort & Style

Whether you’re buying seating for the lounge area or looking for a brand new bed for the bedroom, comfort is key. At the end of every day, all you want to do is relax, being enveloped in to a comforting solution that relieves the stresses of the day away. We also know the importance style, you want something that is going to be the envy of everyone else and something that is ultimately contemporary that you can have for many years to come. Do not compromise! Find the perfect marriage of style and comfort. Our collection of modern furniture, features a variety of unique styles meaning that there is a product out there that will suit almost everybody’s own individual styles. Always ask for advice when it comes to soft furnishings, take in to consideration rub tests, fabric & leather choices and the configuration of any added extras like sofa back cushions or mattress options for beds.

Time Sofa by Pianca
Time Sofa by Pianca
Alcor Storage Unit by Maxalto
Alcor Storage Unit by Maxalto


Storage is the staple of modern day living. Whether it’s a sideboard for the hallway or a fully fitted storage system, it’s important to consider the practicality of what you want and what you need. Choosing your finishes and styles is relatively simple, choosing the amount of storage you need can be misleading. If you’re looking to get a bookcase for example, think about what space you have, always be prepared by knowing what you have to work with. Think about what you’ll be using your product for, storing books and ornaments? Storing away files or larger items like blankets & cushions? Take in to account what you have, what you may have in the future and what you may be willing to move or get rid of. It’s always best to consider the minimum you need and seek advise on how you can maximize the storage potential, whether you need a small cabinet or a large display system, consider the size and function of the product when making a choice.

Make the right statement

Playing it safe doesn’t always pay off. Creating a minimalist look and sticking to whites & grey’s, has and may always be the safest choice. For many creating a neutral space means there’s very little chance of any interior mishaps. In the grand scheme of things, we would agree, having neutral tones however presents opportunity! Add in statement pieces whether it’s adding a couple of armchairs to your seating arrangement or just adding some finishing touches like cushions or decorative pieces, don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour. We feel that adding one key colour or a few variants can really bring out the vibrancy of your space and tie the room together. Choose something daring, look at varying textures & patterns to create something that’s aesthetically stimulating. Balance is always essential though, don’t go overboard, keep it key and remember that less is more. Adding pops of colour here and there will allow you to creating a truly inviting interior space.

B&B Italia Metropolitan
B&B Italia Metropolitan Armchair
Aplomb Suspension Light
Aplomb Suspension Light by Foscarini

Light your space

There is so much choice when it comes to lighting; table lamps, pendants, floor lamps. When considering your lighting scheme, think about the room and furniture set up. If you’re looking for lighting for your living area or main entertaining room, using a suspension light as a central focal point in the room is a must. Adding ambient light can be great for creating a more calming atmosphere, by using floor lamps in corners of the room or using table lamps on side tables for creating reading areas. Always consider what atmosphere you may want to create for different reasons, do you want something bright to cover a large scale area or do you need lights for predominately decorative purposes?

Trends & Timeless Classics

Be true to your instincts and personal taste. Keeping on top of current trends let’s your ideas flow and help in choosing contemporary furniture that will transform your space in to a hub of contemporary design. If you know what you like and what to create a timeless look or want to go the eccentric mile, think about what is important to you, function? design? practicality? textures?

We love industrial styles, metallic finishes, the fusion of urban design with simple shapes. Classic looks can be created with simple lines, earthy tones and wooden finishes.

We always like to offer our opinion and want our customers to make the right choice on what’s best for them.

Abaco Coffee Table
Abaco Coffee Table by Pianca