Autumn Interiors

Create the perfect interior setting for the Autumn season

Autumn can be one of the most wonderful times of the year. The rustling leaves on the ground provide us with rich colours that inspire a sense of calm and change. Inspiration can be taken all around from the falling foliage to the warm yet brisk glow of the midday sun. We think that the season is all about change, which is why we’ve put together our guide for Autumn interiors, taking inspiration from nature and colour to create relaxing decor and rich style.


Colour plays a key part in creating an inviting and relaxing environment. Take inspiration from around you. Browns, deep reds and oranges are key colours of Autumn, they are very rich in tone and offer a gentle mood, perfect for the living area and bedroom. Mustard yellows and purples can be used to offer an injection of vibrant colour. Use cushions and accessories to add a touch of finesse and focal interest to the space.

It’s always best to keep things mellow to capture the essence of Autumn. Think of earthy tones and take inspiration from the changing outdoors. Keep spaces light but filled with darker, richer and more elegant tones.

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Stepping in to Autumn, the inevitable cold starts to seep in. It’s essential to create cosy rooms in the home, to give us that sense of comfort and warmth. Texture can play an important part in this. Wool offers a great material source for enveloping a feeling of rest and snuggling up to. When it comes to fabric think of wools, knitted and thick, velvets. It brings back a sense of nostalgia and comfort that is perfect for the season.

Wood is an essential materials for realising the outdoors indoors. It gives an earthy and robust presence in any capacity, capturing a powerful sense of elegance and richness. Dark woods are the materials to look for, they offer a modern look whilst keeping a classic wonder.

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Nature plays a big part in our inspiration for Autumn. The changing of the tress and flowers inspires a sense of rebirth and providing blank canvases. We think of woodland creatures and their hibernating habits (much like how we feel when it starts to get cold). There is a desire to use calm floral patterns as a reminiscent call to the fauna in transition. Autumn can truly be bought in to the home with rustic decor and decorative items. Having wooden furniture also mirrors the naked trees that fill our outdoor surroundings.

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When choosing lighting, it is important to consider the environment. We’ve talked about creating a relaxing and mellow atmosphere, so table and floor lamps are a sure way to provide indirect lighting that exudes a warming ambiance. To fit in with the Autumn and rustic motif, metallic finishes like copper and brass can add a welcome tone to highlight the earthy decor.

Consider lamps as not only a practical light source but also as decorative pieces. Soft light will add to the calming feel of the room and also provide much needed light as those darker hours and shorter days start to emerge.

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Just a thought…

When trying to create a look for the Autumn, we think geometric patterns are the way to go. There is an abundance of versatile shapes that lend themselves to many different patterns both in furnishings and wallpaper or tiles. These shapes offer a look that is both classic & modern, creating a timeless look. The simple shapes create a non-intrusive decor, perfect for matching a calming and serene environment.