Inspired by Summer

Summer brings us many things; longer days, soaring temperatures and a happier feeling all round. Inspiration comes to us from that big yellow ball in the sky that we get to appreciate most during the summer time. We’re looking at yellow for interior ideas. A fantastic colour for creating a strong and bold statement in any space. Adding the colour yellow to your furniture arrangements, gives a sense of vibrancy and delight, making any composition stand out. This colour can bring a sense of fun and enjoyment, whilst also striking serious and brooding atmospheres in its darker and richer tones.

Bring the sunshine indoors by adding an accent yellow colour in the form of an armchair or chair. Coffee tables can really pull a space together when juxtaposed to a neutral pallet. If you’re feeling brave why not an entire sofa?

Lighting isn’t just restricted to providing light to the room. Many of our lamps not only come in unique and contemporary designs, but also in a range of vibrant colours and finishes. Having a lighting piece to tie in with your accented furniture items can really bring the space together and showcase that magnificent yellow.

Don’t forget the accessories! A scatter cushion here or there can really pull out the potential of your seating arrangement. Adding a rug can lift up your floor space and pull attention to the area. Storage can also be an intriguing way of adding some warmth and depth to a larger space. It gives the eyes a chance to rest and creates more focus out of chaotic compositions.

Luxury and elegance can be found in golden hues. They resemble the lavish and extravagance that can be found in life. Bringing a gold palette in to your home can elevate the opulence of your interiors. If yellow is too harsh or striking for your mood, gold is a great alternative, providing a more urban tone that can blend nicely in to any scheme. Why not add a decorative mirror or small table?