In the mood for mood boards

The Flexform and Flexform Mood collections are renowned for offering a contemporary take on classic Italian design. The range of furniture items available span from luxurious seating to elegant bedroom furniture. Now, to help guide the wide choice of fabrics, leathers and materials, Flexform have introduced an exquisite collection of mood boards. Take inspiration from the collated finishes and mixing of contrasting materials. With these boards, you can create an exquisite and realised home with Flexform.


These pallets are taken from the main Flexform collection. They showcase a broad range of fabrics, leathers and finishes. The common themes throughout are deep colour contrasted with lighter tones. A strong use of wood and marble, reflective of modern interior trends. A vast array of neutral colours mixed with deep hues.

Flexform Mood

The tones of these pallets reflect a more adventurous and contemporary style. As with the main collection the tones remain deep and rich, but have an added vibrant flair. The mood collection is known for being a more modern twist on the main collection.