What makes the perfect Walk in Wardrobe?

Creating something unique, luxury & practical

So how do you make the perfect walk in wardrobe? The truth is there is no one way to make the perfect solution. All of our products are designed and fitted to meet your exact needs. This means your available space, room layout, personal style choices and storage needs all come in to play. The good news is that the ‘perfect’ or ‘ideal’ walk in wardrobe really is what you make it. We think that creating the right look, combination of finishes and really maximizing the storage potential of your space are the paths to creating your ideal solution. There can be many factors to consider when putting together the layout of a walk in wardrobe, so we’re going to explore this.

Sipario Walk in Wardrobe

Don’t feel you need to squeeze everything in to every nook and cranny. Sometimes room layouts are not always straightforward. However, trying to use that small alcove or tiny corner in the room to make sure you use up all the available space, isn’t necessarily the most practical idea. We configure our products to suit your space, but it might mean utilizing the shape in a different way. Take in to consideration the space you will need to walk around and man-oeuvre. We always recommend looking at any potential obstructions like windows or radiators, to see if they will cause any issues with the product.

Be open when it comes to the walk in wardrobe you want. Our products are quite versatile, but sometimes an alternative product to the one that you’ve initially chosen might be a better fit with the room and dimensions you have. If you have a non-standard space or something trickier to work with, we will always evaluate what will be the best product to suit.

Sipario Walk in Wardrobe

Finishes and colours really do come down to personal taste. We offer a broad range of finishes across our brands, so there is always something to suit your style. We always take in to consideration the available light in the room. Is there a flow of natural light? Is this substantial or is there only indoor lighting in the space? Using a dark finish when there is only indoor lighting available, can make the room feel very dark. Although, this may be the look you are going for, something rich and atmospheric, a lighter colour tone may be better if you want the space to breathe a bit more.

Having a flow of natural light means you can play about with the finishes more. The freedom to mix and match colours or finishes together can be great for giving your walk in that extra something. We recommend combining contrasting colours together. Having 2 colours similar to each other, really defeats the purpose. You want to make something that will stand out and catch the eye.

Hangar Walk in Wardrobe

Choosing what storage accessories you want can be exciting, but try not to go overboard. This can drastically add to the cost of your walk in and what you think might be a good way to store certain things, might not be. We always try to have 3 things as a general checklist: What do you currently have, What don’t you need and What will you need in the future? If you have lots of pairs of shoes, inclined shoe racks are a great way to store them, you get 2 rows per rack which is more optimal than a simple shelf. If you hang a lot of clothes, think about how tall your garments are, can you utilize a double hanging space to get more in? Don’t always go for the obvious if you are able to get more out of your storage capacity with a different solution that’s available.

Adding in extras like led lighting are a fantastic way to make your wardrobe more practical and making it truly luxury. Is there room for an island or ottoman? Try to imagine what you are going to use and how practical it is to have in the long term.

Anteprima Walk in Wardrobe
Sipario Walk in Wardrobe