Marble Furniture for Modern Homes

Marble is many things; robust, strong, luxurious, unique & beautiful. Adding marble in to an interior scheme, can elevate the space with it’s elegant and unpredictable style. We’ve put together some of our top products featuring the marble or ceramic material, highlighting all of the distinguishing features.

Available with a range of different marble top finishes, the Skorpio is truly a showstopper. The table lends itself to the striking design of the base. Straight lines come together in a fusion that look like modern architecture, creating a shocking explosion of metal. Combining the variety of metal finishes available for the base with the right marble top, creates a table that transcends ideas of current trends. The Skorpio allows you to create a table that will work for any space.

Porada Ziggy Coffee Table

Whilst the Ziggy collection from Porada offers a range of top finishes, it’s really the marble finishes that stand out. With 3 different marble tops available, the table can be created in a light or dark tone, making it versatile for any space. The Ziggy looks at its best utilizing a canaletto walnut frame. Paired with the marble top, this combination makes for a fantastic coffee table. Also available in the range are complimentary side tables and consoles.

3. Porada Infinity Table

Porada Infinity Table

The Infinity table is a staple in the Porada collection. The intricate weaving of the walnut legs makes it the perfect base for a marble top. As with most of the Porada range, there is a variety of marble finishes to choose from, all of which lend themselves to the smooth circular shape of the table top. The detail here can be found in the symmetry between the round top and the metal base on which the legs sit on. This table is the perfect blend of classic and contemporary design.

Flos Arco Floor Lamp

The Arco is a magnificent floor lamp, with an impressive stainless steal head that stems from the white carrera marble base. This is where the strength and durability of marble comes in to effect, providing a solid structure for the lamp to stem from. Arco has been part of the Flos collection since 1962 and it’s clear to see why it still remains a staple of the collection today.

Cattelan Italia Spyder Keramik Table

Like the Skorpio, the Spyder table is a popular choice in the Cattelan Italia range. The ceramic marble top looks divine whether extruded in a sharp rectangular shape or bevelled in the oval style. Sitting atop a crossed metal base, again available in various metal finishes, the contrast between the solid metal and clean marble makes this table an extraordinary addition to any dining space.

Molteni Domino Side Table

The Domino has been designed to fit in to many different compositions. Varying lengths and heights allow the tables (and also matching pouf) to be layered together, creating a practical space saving composition, that also adds a welcome aesthetic. The Domino looks particularly well layered with white carrara marble top and another in dark eucalyptus wood.

Moooi Bassotti Coffee Table

Similar to the Domino, the Bassotti from Moooi has been drafted with the idea of layers. Rather than simply layering different height tables together, the Bassotti goes one step further with idea of physically layering one table on top of the other. A truly unique concept, this allows you to create a one of a kind table composition. The table tops are available in different colour marbles, which are a thick slab making the top the star of the show. With a selection of completely different legs to choose from as well, the possibilities for the Bassotti seem endless.

Porada Atlante Sideboard

The Atlante showcases marble as an accent feature. Whilst the sideboard is almost completely realised in wood, the marble top offers an aesthetic contrast in tone. With the addition of a marble top, the sideboard is elevated and transformed in to a more decorative piece of furniture.

Foscarini Aplomb Suspension Light

Whilst not a marble finish, the Aplomb gets a special mention for its use of concrete. The concrete used to create this spectacular light, gives it sophistication in style but also provides a unique textured finish, ultimately lending itself to contemporary surroundings. The Aplomb light is just another example of how natural material can be utilized to create something extraordinary.