Creating the ideal home office

Now more than ever, we need a practical space for a home office or study area. With more people now working from home, we need the ideal set up, whether creating a seperate space to work in or integrating a working space in to another area of the home. It’s important to consider a set up that meets your needs. From a simple standalone desk to a larger storage and writing composition, the key is in the blend of aesthetic and practicality.

Lema Victor Desk


The centre of any home office, a desk is the focal point if on it’s own or part of a larger space. We offer a range of desks that can be used alone or integrated in to a storage composition. You want a desk that fits nicely in the space, whilst allowing you appropriate space to sit under and manouvre. It is also important to consider how you’ll use the desk. Do you need to house a laptop or desktop screen? Do you need to accomodate more than one device or simply need space for drawing or writing? These can be important factors for determining the length and depth of surface space you’ll need.

Fitted Office

If you have a dedicated study room, an ideal solution could be creating a fully fitted office. There are many modular systems that can be utilised to compose a completely fitted office. With many components availabel including: desks, drawers, cabinets and shelving, you can meet all of your working needs whilst having a solution fitted to your exact space.

Not everybody has a room ro spare, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dedicated space to a desk area. Consider using a storage system in the living ro dining room. You can then dedicated one section exclusively for office space with a desk and storage. The rest of the composition can then be utlised however you like, fitting in with the needs for the room.


Keeping yourself organised is key to staying practical, productive and working from home efficiently. Just like anywhere else in the home, when it comes to your work area, everything should have its place. If you need access to the essentials, something as simple as a drawer can be all you need to keep stationary, paper, workbooks etc. There are also many options for storing everything you might need whilst working. Using shelving for books and box files are a solid solution, or even using flap door units for keeping files hidden away. Cable management can be integrated in to a desk top, to keep all of your cables together and clutter and tangle free.