Discover what’s new

Discover what's new

We’ve added some new and exciting content to our website, so here are our top picks from our newly added products. We’ve also recently published our 2022 editions of our digital brochures, which you can view below.

Hector Night

The main feature of the Hector Night walk in, is the complete absence of side panels. Instead the structural design of this walk in is made with vertical metal supports, in which the accessories are fitted to. Hector Night creates a free-flowing feel that opens up the space and works equally well with closed wardrobes to create a completely magnificient dressing room. Exclusive detail is also found in some of the accessories including; glass top drawers and eco-leather shelf and shoe rack coverings.


Bamboo is one of our new hinged door wardrobes. The design appeal of this wardrobe is instantly recognizable in its unique door style. The doors feature a reeded effect surface, which is created using eco-leather available in 5 different colours! The design blends togehter material and texture perfectly, to achieve a one-of-a-kind look that is both exquisite and contemporary. We think Bamboo fits well in any space and can be paired with other systems to create a space that is truly spectacular.


Tian is another hinged door wardrobe we’ve introduced, completely created in glass! A cross between a display case and a traditional wardrobe, it illuminates the centre of any room and can be used to unite or divide it. The wardrobe showcases the brilliance of Italian design and manufacturing, resulting in a product that brings you innovation and beauty. Tian allows you to approach from any angle, making a showstopping storage solution for any modern home.

Find Me

The idea behind Find Me was to create a door that seemlessly integrate in to any space. A simple yet sophisticated design, that features inset handles running vertically along the side of the door profile. The absence of handles on the front of the doors, means that Find Me creates an almost flush look in it’s composition. The perfect wardrobe for modern living.


You can now view and download our new 2022 edition brochures. Browse through our Wardrobes, Walk In Wardrobes and Doors catalogues for design inspiration.

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