How to style your fitted wardrobe

There are many different styles of available when trying to find your perfect fitted wardrobe. With so many choices available for door designs, finishes, handles and more, it can be daunting being so spoiled for choice. Here’s what to consider when styling a wardrobe that ticks all the boxes for you.

1. Inject your personality

When thinking of your perfect fitted wardrobe, you need to consider the blend of your unique individual style and the overall look of the space. If you’re more adventurous, firstly choose a door style with some personality. A door with different shapes or finishes to it, can really make a statement feature to your bedroom.

Crea Sliding Wardrobe

If you prefer a plainer style of door, choosing a more decorative style of handle can be a great way to elevate the design. Try adding a contrasting finish when choosing a handle, this will make it stand out more against the finish of the doors. Adding a more decorative style of handle can also inject some intrigue when the doors are a solid plain finish.

2. Mix together finishes

A great way to style your wardrobe is by mixing more than one finish together. You could mix in 2 different door colours or materials to create an intriguing look. Another popular option is to incorperate some glass doors among solid ones, which will help break up the composition in a longer run of wardrobes.

If you want all of your doors in the same finish, consider framing your fitted wardrobe with a different material. This will keep the fitted aspect of your wardrobe, but will create a decorative framing around it to give it that something extra.

Skin Hinged Door Wardrobe

3. Add other elements in

If you’re not keen on having a regular run of wardrobes, adding other elements in to the mix can make a composition more than just your run of the mill fitted wardrobe. A practical yet stylish feature would be to incorperate a dressing table section. This will add an extra function to the wardrobe, whilst making it visually interesting. Other options include external drawers or open sections and boxes. These are not only extremely modern but they will also expand the way you store and display your items.

4. Don’t forget the lighting

No luxury fitted wardrobe would be complete without lighting. Inside the wardrobe is just as important as the outside. You can illuminate the inside of your wardrobe with either shelf lighting or vertical lighting, depending on the look you want to go for. As soon as you open the doors, the lights inside your wardrobe will come on, exuding ambience that spills out in to the room.

Warm Sliding Door Wardrobe