Planning A Walk In Wardrobe

Here are some of our tips for planning out a walk in wardrobe. What you should consider including in the walk in design and how to make sure you keep your space organized and efficient.

1. Organization

Working out how much you need to store is the first step in planning a walk in wardrobe. To begin take all of your clothes and belongings and get a rough idea of how much you have meterage wise. The next step is to consider how you want to store things. Will t-shirts and jumpers be hung or folded and placed on shelves? This will not only give you an idea of what storage accessories to inlcude in you walk in, but also how much you will need for each type of clothing item.

Walk In Wardrobe Organisation

2. Declutter

Decluttering is the next step for planning your walk in wardrobe. Get rid of clothes that you no longer wear or have never worn, be ruthless! You can then free up space for new pieces and make sure that you’re not trying to cram in too much if you have limited space.

Declutter Clothes

3. Order

Once you have all the clothes you need to store in your walk in, you’ll need to work out where everything goes. There are many ways to order your items, so do what’s best for you when choosing what to wear. Some ideas include ordering items by colour, by season or by product type by keeping shirts together, trousers together etc. You want to keep your everyday wear easily accessible as you will wear these more often than others. Keep your less used clothes neatly put away as you may only need these once in a while.

Walk In Wardrobe Order

4. Efficiency

Use your walk in wardrobe efficiantly. If you have clothes hanging up, keep these neatly spaced so they are easy to see and get to. Having too many items crammed together means you’ll waste time searching through everything to find what you need. If folding items, don’t pile things too high. Not only does this make it harder to get to clothes near the bottom of the pile, but makes it more likely for clothes to be thrown on top instead of nealty folded.

Wardrobe Equipment

5. Illuminate

Make sure you have enough light in the space. Having adequate lighting is key to make sure you can see everything you have on display. Whether you use integrated wardrobe lighting or have decorative lighting in the room, it’s also important for bringing your space together to showcase how stunning your walk in wardrobe is!

Walk In Wardrobe Lighting

6. Getting Ready

With your walk in wardrobe filled with all of your clothes and dressing items, we have a few ideas for making your walk in the perfect dressing room for getting ready.
– A full length mirror can be an invaluable asset for getting ready and trying on outfits
– Having pull out or fixed hooks are a great way for hanging up clothes for the following day or for planning different outfits to try
– If there is adequate space incorperating somewhere to sit will make it easy for you to put on shoes and socks!
– A dressing table is a must for a lucury walk in wardrobe, providing somehwere to store and apply make-up and to do your hair

Dressing Table