How to create a walk in wardrobe in a bedroom

You can create a walk in wardrobe as part of an existing room or by converting a spare room in to a dressing space. Whatever spare space you have, there are various solutions to creating a dedicated walk in wardrobe area. We’ve highlighted some scenarios and ideas, to help you realise the potential for your dream walk in.

If you are buying a new home or having rennovations, building a specific space is one way of incorporating a walk in wardrobe in to the bedroom. If you want to use part of the main bedroom as a walk in, you can erect framework and stud walls to create essentially a room within a room to fit a walk in. This is ideal for larger bedrooms where space can be taken to accomodate a walk in. By having walls built this also means you can have an open walk in, without the need for doors on each section.

Building Framework

One of the most contemporary ways of creating a walk in wardrobe area, is to seperate this from adjoing spaces with sliding glass doors. This solution not only looks stunning but offers a way to keep the walk in seperate whilst being able to see it before entering the space. A great way to showcase your luxury walk in wardrobe!
There are multiple ways to add sliding doors to your walk in. You can create pocket doors that slide back in to the walls, giving a flush look. Alternatively you can also create a glass wall from fixed glass panels with sliding door panels that allow you to walk inside.

Vista Crystal Sliding Doors

Another way to create a walk in wardrobe in a bedroom is to have a walk in with finishing backs. This solution applies to carcass based walk in’s, where you would normally have an unfinished back. By applying back panels to any exposed modules, this will create an effective solution for 2 main reasons. With this solution we elimante the need to build any walls, as the backs will create a wall effect by themselves. The other other reason is that it allows you to create a decorative wall with the different wardrobe finishes available.

Another great idea is to have a run of wardrobes behind the bed! You can essentially create a full height partition with the bed on one side and wardrobes the other. This will still keep the spaces seperate but will have more of a free flowing feel overall.

Open Walk in Wardrobe

If you have a spare room this is the ideal space to convert in to a walk in wardrobe. With an adjoining room to the main bedroom, you can then create an opening between the two. This will allow you to access the walk in wardrobe without having to leave the bedroom. You can keep the opening as it is or add in sliding or hinged doors to access the space. By combining two rooms together it gives the opportunity to have both a bedroom area and wardrobe area, making a truly luxurious night time haven.

Master Dressing Walk In Wardrobe