Lema Selecta Library

Luxury Fitted Home Libraries

Home libraries are no longer restricted to only grand spaces, our library furniture can be fitted in to a large space or a small snug. Whatever your space, adding a library to your home not only adds storage space but also value to your home. Our luxury products offer more than just your traditional bookshelves, with a range of finishes and other storage components to choose from. Our home libraries can be completely fitted to your environment, creating a book haven with no wasted space.

Shelving Solutions

Our home libraries are completely bespoke shelving solutions that can be configured to fit your space. We can create a standalone bookcase to a fully fitted linear and corner composition. Adding other storage elements in such as flap doors and drawers can also provide additional storage capabilities and elevate the overall design. Our libraries can be placed against walls, so you’ll get back panels on each shelving section. We can also provide open back solutions that can be fitted in an open space, ideal for creating a room seperating solution that still creates an open plan feel.

Our products are all made in Italy, so your library will be manufactured using high quality materials and finishes, resulting in a product that’s built to last.

Luxury Library Furniture

Libraries are seen as luxury as standard, but with our range of designer products, you’ll get a luxury library whatever the space or configuration. We offer a range of different elements to make your library stand out. Adding LED lighting is not only practical but will add a contemporary aesthetic to the system. We can also integrate extra storage items such as drawers, flap doors, cupboards and even glass doors, to give you more capabilities for housing your items. We also offer luxury items like marble backs and glass shelves, which are great options for creating focal points and breaking up the composition.

The functionality of our home libraries is key. That’s why we offer bespoke solutions, so you don’t have to worry about¬† space. If you’ve got a particularly high ceiling, some of our ranges offer sliding ladders, meaning you can access books that have been placed higher up and let’s you use all of the available space. We can also integrate your library into multi-use spaces. Many homes need a room that’s used for multiple functions, so we can create a library composition that also features TV storage, desks, cabinets and more, so it can be fitted in to your living area, dining room or study if needed.