Bespoke Storage System

Discover Our Bespoke Storage Systems

Discover endless possibilities with our range of modular bespoke storage systems. Designed to suit any situation, any space and any style. Our systems can be composed in almost any way, from TV storage units & media displays to dining room storage or simple wall cabinets. Suitable for anywhere in the home, all of our storage sytems are Italian made, offering unique designs and a luxury style that can’t be replicated.

If you’re looking for a new fitted storage or display space, our design team are on hand to create your dream solution. Whether a large or small space, we can build the ideal storage solution with a range of different elements including: drawers, cupboards, flap doors, display cases, shelving, TV panels and much more.

All of our storage systems are completely bespoke, designed to suit your individual needs

TV & Media Display

Televisions are the centre point for many living rooms, making them a key feature in display units. There are many different solutions for storing your TV, whether on display all the time, or hidden away until it’s time to watch. Our storage systems give you the capability to use wall panels specifically designed for mounting your TV on to, without having to mount directly to the wall. Other popular options include sliding doors to conceal your TV, or swiveling panels if you need to view your TV from a different angle.

Storage Your Way

When designing your bespoke storage system, we can offer a range of different storage types to create a custom solution for every use.
Flap doors, hinged cupboard doors, drawers, shelving, cubbies, glass cupboards, integrated desks and much more.

Combine Living & Working

Our modular storage systems are completely versatile, making our products suitable for anywhere in the home. With many people now needing a work from home environment, our design team can come up with a solution that perfectly blends living and working spaces together. We can compose storage furniture with desks and writing areas, to create a tailored solution for all your needs.

Use our storage products in the hallway, dining room, living or even the bedroom. Systems can be fitted in to your space as well, with our designers creating a composition to suit your available space.