B&B Italia Pab Storage System

The Pab Storage System from B&B Italia is the result of a very simple idea: a sheet folded in half and restrained by light ties, designed to be used as a bookshelf. In time, Pab has become a very successful system and has grown from the original project into the wide range of configurations and different finishes that make up its current version. Besides the shelf and back panels, a series of storage units and a number of multi-purpose benches are also available. Finishes make up an important part of this identity. The vast choice of finishes, along with the variety of furnishing elements, makes it possible to obtain a personalized solutions completely dedicated to your space.

Take a look at the B&B Italia Storage Systems Brochure for inspiration and ideas.

Endless Combinations

Our Storage Systems are completely modular, meaning they can be created in almost unlimited combinations. There is a lot of choice to be had, from flap door units & cupboards to open shelving and drawers. You can create a versatile system for displaying your television by using wall panels or even use doors to close off parts of your arrangement. With so many components and sizes to choose from, the possibilities are seemingly endless.


Completely diverse in style, our systems can be finished in a range of different colours & materials, such as wood, lacquer and even glass.

There is a wide selection to choose from, meaning you can have a solution that completely fits your style criteria. You can even mix and match materials together, to create a stunning and diverse display.

Something Extra

There are selected extras from across our brands, that can help elevate your system to new possibilities. Equip your units with an In-fared system, or light up shelving with integrated LED lighting bars!*


Made to Order

Delivery Time

8-10 Weeks


Studio Kairos (2005)


B&B Italia


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