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Walk in Wardrobes


+ We offer Italian Made walk in wardrobe’s from Designer brands.
+ Superior long lasting products.
+ High quality finishes and materials.
+ Both Open Wardrobes and Panel Systems for any space.
+ A range of finishes, styles & storage accessories available across our brands.
+ Visual design concepts to give you an idea of what your product will look like.
+ Our experienced fitting team will seamlessly and efficiently install your walk in wardrobe.
+ Pair your walk in wardrobe with our range of internal hinged and sliding glass doors.


Made in Italy

All of our contemporary walk in wardrobes are 100% Italian made. We deal with a selection of the leading manufacturers, offering authentic, superior quality designs and products. Produced to the highest quality, you’ll find structures and shelves made at 2.5 – 4cm thick, giving you complete product stability. As standard all of our sliding door wardrobes come with mechanisms on top, without the need for a bottom track on the floor. These are just some of the ways in which our products stand out.

Every product we sell is completely contemporary. We take pride in offering some of the best modern designer walk in wardrobes.

Different Systems

We offer more than just interior fittings. Across our ranged you’ll find different types of systems, islands and alternative hanging solutions. We have 2 main types of walk in wardrobes, that can offer the best solution to fit your space. Our ‘Carcass’ based systems are complete with sides, allowing you to separate your clothing pieces, essentially a wardrobe without doors. Alternatively, we offer ‘Panel’ systems, these are absent of sides, with all equipment mounted on to wall back panels. This is a great way to increase storage space by having a free flowing feel.

Finishes & Materials

Our walk in wardrobes are available in a range of different materials and finishes. Across our brands you’ll find a vast range of woods, lacquers, glasses and more to choose from. Each of our products has a diverse selection, you can even mix finishes together to create a contrasting look.

Internal Accessories

There a are selection of different internal accessories available. We know how important maximizing your storage space is, which is why we can supply different accessories to suit your needs. Choose from items like drawers, shoe racks and trouser racks or shelving & cubbies to name a few. As specialists in storage, we can also offer advise on ways to optimize the storage potential of your walk in using different accessories.