Bespoke Fitted Cloakroom – Barnet EN5

The brief for this project was to create a bespoke storage solution for the homes cloakroom. What a result! The space has been completely transformed in to a beautiful cloakroom area. We have designed an l-shape corner solution, that features a varied range of different storage solutions to suit all of the clients needs. On the longer side there are 2 singular wardrobes that each have shelves and a hanger for the adults coats and shoes. In between these sits a bespoke seating and hanging area for childrens coats and shoes to be tucked under the bench. On the shorter side there is a further seating area that has drawers underneath, with a rail above for guests coats. Above both sections we have fitted flap door units that can be used for extra storage and help complete the overall fitted look. The beautiful blend of grey wood with black panneling, creates a suave and contemporary aesthetic which suits this new build property perfectly.