Green Wardrobe & Purple Bench Cloakroom – Barnet EN5

For this cloakroom, we were presented with the challenge of creating a fitted wardrobe and a custom bench. This is the result. A wondefully classic yet contemporary look with vibrant yet on trend colours. On one side of the room: the fitted wardrobe. Finished in a dusky green colour chosen by the client. Inside is mainly for hanging coats, with 2 sections allocated to the adults and 3 sections to childrens attire. Opposite the wardrobe is a freestanding bench. This is fitted with 5 drawers underneath for additional storage, which has been designed to compliment the framed look of the wardrobe doors. The client had picked a rustic purple/aubergine colour for this unit, which compliments and contrasts the wardrobe finish at the same time. A truly bespoke cloakroom that was a pleasure for our designers to create.