Walk In Wardrobe Ideas

Walk In Wardrobe ideas to get you inspired…

Trying to create a walk in wardrobe can be a daunting process. Deciding on the best way to utilize your space or even knowing where to begin with is enough to give anyone a headache. That’s why we have formulated a selection of different scenarios and walk in wardrobe ideas, for creating a practical and stylish closet space.

Browse through some of our walk in wardrobe ideas to help get you inspired. Each space and style is different and these ideas are here to provide some walk in wardrobe inspiration. We can create a walk in wardrobe that will perfectly suit your space whilst maximising it’s storage potential. Get in touch with one of our designers to discuss your unique requirements.

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Walk In Wardrobe Idea:
Behind A Bed

Creating a walk in area behind a bed is a great way of utilizing extra space in the bedroom. A configuration of 1 run, 2 runs of wardrobes or even a u-shape can be created within the bedroom to create a walk in area. If you want the wardrobes to back on to the bed, the backs can be finished or cladded to create the feeling of a wall, which can then be used for placing the bed and bedside tables. Alternatively this scenario creates an opportunity to create a decorative dividing wall, which acts as a seperator between your walk in area and the rest of the bedroom.

Open Walk in Wardrobe

Walk In Wardrobe Idea:
Using a Spare Room

A spare room or box room is the ideal place for creating a walk in wardrobe. Using this space let’s you really maximize the amount of storage you might need, that you can’t achieve with a wardrobe in the room. Using another room as your walk in wardrobe also takes the worry of matching finishes out, meaning you can create a completely independent look.

Usually spare rooms make for small walk in wardrobes. Choosing whether to have a panel system or carcass can be vital in maximizing your storage potential and making the most practical solution for the space. If you have a larger spare room then you can consider including dressing or seating areas.

Sipario Walk In Wardrobe

Walk In Wardrobe Idea:
Between Bedroom & Bathroom

Creating a walk in wardrobe is a great way of separating 2 spaces, whilst creating a practical and elegant closet area. A composition can be used in conjunction with sliding doors to create a walk through area from the bedroom to the bathroom. This is a fantastic idea for creating separate rooms, whilst still keeping a harmonious flow throughout.

A solution like this would also work well with sliding doors concealing the walk in wardrobe space.

Carcass Walk In Wardrobe

Walk In Wardrobe Idea:
Designated Area

Create an utterly modern and unique walk in wardrobe by using a designated space in the bedroom. By using a specific area and turning it in to a walk in wardrobe, you can maximize the storage potential by creating an area that is flexible in usable space.

Using sliding doors to separate the walk in wardrobe also allows for seamless access to your items and provides a truly contemporary feel.

Anteprima Walk In Wardrobe