Men’s Walk In Wardrobe Ideas & Guide

Men's Walk In Wardrobe Ideas: What Is The Ideal Men's Wardrobe?

It is often assumed that women like to have spacious closets, and it’s just as true for a lot of men. It can be difficult to think of ideas for your dream walk in. So, we’ve laid out our top tips and pointers for any man looking to create their ideal walk in wardrobe.

Professional & Casual Attire

Most of us need to accommodate the work/home balance, which also feeds into our wardrobes.

For many men, the professional side of life requires a lot of suits for the corporate lifestyle. It’s key then to make sure that the walk-in wardrobe is fitted with plenty of hanging space for suits, shirts and trousers. Where there is more than 2m of height available, it is worth having double hanging, so as to make the most of the available space. Typically allowing a minimum of a 1m hanging drop, will suit most men’s clothes that are being hung up.

What goes with your suit? Shoes of course. Dress shoes are an important part of your ensemble, they look great on display. Having a dedicated shoe section of a walk-in wardrobe is a must if you have lots of shoes to choose from. Not only will these look great in a display are, but having all of your shoes in one section keeps them easily organised. Going all out with lighting and glass doors, will also create a luxurious feel to your wardrobe.

When you’re not at work you’re in casual and leisure wear, which is just as important to keep well organised. Whilst you can certainly hang t-shirts, jumpers, coats etc (hanging makes up at least 70% of all men’s storage) drawers and shelves can be ideal for keeping your casual clothes stored away. Shelves allow you to stack folded items like t-shirts and jumpers and drawers are ideal for underwear, socks, pyjamas, and everything else. Keeping everything hidden away but still easily accessible.

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We all have clothing accessories in our collection, but these can often easily be forgotten about. Accessory trays and drawers are specifically made for such items. We’re talking belts, ties, watches, cufflinks, sunglasses etc. A great idea is using specifically made trays for items like watches, keeping them neat and well organised. For belts or ties one of the most efficient solutions is a divider, inside a tray or drawer this gives you an individual compartment for each item.

Of course, a lot of men like to have their accessories visible. Using glass tops is an increasingly popular choice in walk in wardrobe designs. These keep items safe from dust and any accidents, whilst keeping them visible in a beautiful display.

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Designs and Trends for Men

As we’ve mentioned, hanging is a huge part of men’s storage preferences, so this features heavily in a lot of designs. Men do not typically need any long hanging; this may be required for some longer garments but can possibly be reserved for a minimal amount of the available space.

A trend we’ve seen for a lot of men is darker colours. This is obviously all down to personal preference, but dark tones are popular among men. Black, anthracite, dark woods, and greys. These tones all offer a typically masculine feel and make a walk-in wardrobe seem luxurious and atmospheric, almost like walking into a designer store. Mixed with the correct lighting and some lighter tones like marbles or glass, a darker walk-in wardrobe can be absolutely stunning.

Black Walk In Wardrobe

Functionality at the forefront

Whilst the style and finish of a walk-in wardrobe is key, many men have functionality at the front of their minds. Having everything well organised means there is no fuss when picking out or finding your clothes. A sleek look and practical storage go hand in hand to make a functional walk-in wardrobe that not only works well for the space but also for the individual. If everything is easily accessible and easy to find, then any stress is eliminated. This is what walk in wardrobes are supposed to be, inviting, relaxing havens for you to walk in to and feel at ease. Having the right storage equipment and set up will keep your walk-in wardrobe functional and practical.

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