Bedroom trends for 2023

Bedrooms provide a beautiful haven for relaxing and resting. We explore the bedroom trends we’re seeing and anticipating for 2023, combining comfort and design to create a bedroom sanctuary you won’t want to leave.

From extravagant design to more neutral and naturalistic styles, fitted bedrooms have become increasingly popular over past years. Customers want to create a space that is more style led and design focused. Combining materials and shapes together to create a cohesive look. Altogether the bedroom should be a relaxing haven for you to unwind and enjoy as much as any other room in the home.

Feature Headboards

One of the biggest trends of 2023 is feature headboards. A staple of any fitted bedroom, feature headboards have allowed people to create a stunning and completely bespoke focal point of the bedroom. A feature headboard can be used to elevate the luxury appeal of your bedroom. Headboards are becoming bigger and bigger, allowing you to expand the feel of the space and make it feel special.

Channeled Wood Panneling

Channeled wood panels have seen a huge surge in popularity this year. In the bedroom, living areas and all over the home, these types of grooved panels are being used to create wall features that look contemporary and stunning. An alternative to the usual feature wall, channeled panels are being used in a variety of ways to create a unique design feature. In the bedroom we are seeing them used more and more as headboards, in dressing table areas and even as wardrobe doors. We’ve already seen these types of panels make their way to all corners of the home and will continue to thrive for the next few years.

Calming natural colours

In contrast to bigger and more extravagant features, we’re seeing more calming and natural colour pallettes emerge. The feeling of lightness and peace is being reflected in light grey, beige and taupe tones that give a more natural and relaxing aesthetic to the bedroom. The pairing of these with wooden finishes are providing earthier tones, that is giving bedrooms a grounded and comforting feel.

Seating areas and solutions

It’s no surprise that with the focus on bedroom design becoming more and more prominent, we’re spending more time in our bedrooms. With this there is a trend of incorperating seating in to the bedroom, allowing for a casual place to sit when spending time in the room. We’re looking at occasional chairs and armchairs and bench seating at the end of the bed. These provide a practical seating solution and add to the overall decor of the space.

Soft curves

Bedrooms are not only relaxing but they’re also sensual. This feeling is being extended into bedroom design features, with smooth curves creating a luscious and lavish appeal. Beds with rounded edges, drawers with oval and round shapes and wardrobes with sleek lines. The softness and delicate nature of these styles form an inviting environment and are a key trend for 2023.

Featured lighting

With feature headboards being a more popular choice it’s no surpirse that feature lighting around this is as well. Having suspended lights over bedsides is a trend that has been present for a while, but with increase in bed designs as a feature it’s more prominent than ever. Bedroom spaces are making a feature of the bed, framing it with a maxi size headboard design, placing bedside tables either side and then suspending pendant lights above to add a lavish and luxury feature. We’re also seeing the traditional wall light feature again and again, with people either having these fixed directly to the wall, or having them mounted on to headboard panels.

Integrated dressing tables

No bedroom is complete without a fitted wardrobe. On the storage side of things, integrated dressing tables are going to be a big thing! Not only do they add a practicality to the bedroom, having them within a wardrobe is a really bespoke solution. Whether on display or hidden away behind doors, we’re sure to see dressing tables incorperated in to wardrobes more and more this year.

Whilst we’re on the subject of wardrobes… TV displays! With more and more time being spent in the bedroom, having a television is a must for many people. There are new and innovative ways emerging for housing TV’s in the bedroom, including our new TV door wardrobe. No compromising on space…

TV Door Sliding Wardrobe