Fitted wardrobe ideas for any bedroom

With almost any bedroom, you’ll find a wardrobe. Many homes however, lack the storage space needed for adequate storage, especially if you have a small bedroom or small wardrobe space. Fitted wardrobes are a long-term investment so it’s important to maximize your storage potential and get the look right the first time around.

Having something bespoke gives you the opportunity to have a wardrobe that is perfectly designed to suit your space. We explore some fitted wardrobe ideas in this article, to help inform and guide your decision on the perfect wardrobe solution for your space.

Hinged Door Wardrobes

One of the most popular types of wardrobe: hinged door wardrobes. Ideal for most spaces, they offer a traditional functionality and can be found with a range of different handle styles, meaning there’s something out there to suit your style. Hinged doors are very adaptable and are especially great for corners. However, if you are restricted on space due to other factors like the position of the bed, sliding doors may be a better alternative.

Prima Wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobes

There is nothing more satisfying than releasing a sliding door and wathcing it glide open. Smooth and sleek, sliding door wardrobes are a popular choice when space is slightly less available. Perfect for narrower walkways or when other furniture items are close by, the absence of having to open a door outwards makes sliding doors the ideal choice.

Crea Sliding Wardrobe

Slanted Wardrobes for sloped ceilings

Houses come in all shapes and sizes and some spaces can seem quite awkward. Sloped ceilings or eaves can seem like a particular predicament when it is the only space available for a wardrobe. There are a range of solutions available however to utilise the space under a slanted ceiling. Having a bespoke top on the wardrobe that follows the shape of the slope, means you can make use of every inch of space. If the idea of having slanted wardrobe doors doesn’t sound appealing, you could also explore using fitted drawers or a desk under a slope to utilise the area in a different way.

Custom Sloped Wardrobe

Glass Wardrobes

Wardrobes with glass doors are becoming more and more popular, it’s clear to see why. Having glass doors let’s you display your clothes in style allowing you to see all your garments whilst keeping them protected in style behind closed doors. Glass doors are also no longer restricted to just clear glass, opting for a tinted or reflective glass can really bring out the luxury style of your wardrobe. Glass wardrobe are also perfect when used in combination with solid doors, helping to break up longer runs of wardrobes and add some visual interest.

Vitrum Glass Hinged Door Wardrobe

Mirror Wardrobes

Looking at another form of glass, mirror wardrobes remain a staple for many fitted wardrobes. Mirror doors help to create a more open and airy space. Bouncing light around the room, they create a bright atmosphere whilst providing a functional use. If you’re looking for something more decorative consider a tinted mirror like smoke or bronze, or even a patterned mirror rather than smooth. If you need a mirror but don’t want this on the doors, there are also options available to have a mirror inside the wardrobe on the back of hinged doors or as a pull out mirror fixed to the side.

Raggio Sliding Mirror Wardrobe
Nastro Mirror Sliding Wardrobe

Picking neutral colours

If you’re looking for a wardrobe that blends in, picking neutral colours may be the best option. While many may opt for a more striking or decorative look, plain wardrobes are still popular in modern homes. Specifically grey wardrobes. Neutral colours will lend themselves to any interior colour scheme, blending seamlessly in to the space. Neutral colours can always be offset by contrasting handle detailing or even a frame in a different material.

Icona Sliding Door Wardrobe

Include a desk, drawers or dresser

If you need somewhere to work or get ready for the day ahead, having a desk/dressing table in the bedroom is ideal. With a fitted wardrobe, the bespoke nature means you can create a solution that incorporates a desk in with the composition. You can also consider whether you want this on show as part of the structure, or nestled behind doors which is only accessed when you open the doors to reveal it. Whilst drawers can always be included in a wardrobes interior, having external drawers can also work well for having an open surface to place decorative items or for even housing a TV.

Next Wardrobe

In addition to fitted wardrobe ideas

When searching for fitted wardrobe ideas, there are a few other steps to tackle. Firstly, take an audit of your clothing and belongings. Deciding what stays and what goes will give you the opportunity to see exactly how much you need to store. This will help in the design process, to see what is feasible and what your ideal storage capacity needs to be. Secondly, deciding how you want to store items is just as important. Take a look at your clothes and decide on how you want to store them, do you hang most things or do you fold a lot? Do you store delicates in drawers and are there shoes you want to display? Having an idea of these things in advance makes the process of getting a bespoke fitted wardrobe much more efficient and rewarding!

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