How to turn a box room in to a walk in wardrobe

If you have a spare room, converting it in to a walk in wardrobe can be a fantastic opportunity to provide more storage and add a luxury must have to your home. Box rooms may seem to some too small, to others it may be the only space available. However, with the correct planning and the right design, you can convert a box room in to a stunning walk in wardrobe that looks great and also maximizes the storage potential.

Make sure to measure the space so that you know what you have to work with (something our surveyors will do if you have a design visit from us). Taking note of obstructions such as pillars or radiators are a must, as this will impact the overall layout of the walk in. If there is anything like a radiator that is currently situated where you are looking to have wadrobes, it may be worth checking if this can be moved elsewhere to free up space, which in a small space is invaluable.

Decide on the layout you want and how you will access the space. Will you need a linear run, or is there room to make an L or U-shape? Speak to one of our experts on the best way to use the space, without trying to cram too much in. You don’t want to compromise on the overall look of the walk in. If you have a box room that’s connected to the main bedroom, it may be worth considering blocking up the exisiting door in to the box room and creating an opening or doorway directly from the main bedroom. This could utilise the layout better and will also make it easier for coming in and out of the walk in.

Another factor when creating a walk in is whether to choose a carcass based or panel system. Here is the breakdown: A carcass system is essentially a wardrobe without doors. Made with sides, back, top and base, a carcass walk in wardrobe is more traditional and will effectively allow you to build up sections that are seperated by sides. This is a staple design for many wardrobes and is a good idea if you like to keep your items divided in to clear sections. A panel system on the other hand is made using panels which are fixed to supports mounted to the wall. Accessories and shelves etc are then fixed on the surface, so they are completely absent of any sides. In most cases a panel system can work better for smaller spaces as they may be able to utilise corners better. They are also great for sloped ceilings as the wall panels can be cut to suit the shape of the slope, without having to worry about tops and sides. Generally, panel systems create a more open and free-flowing feel.

If you know what walk in you want to create and what the layout is going to be, the next thing to think about is the rest of the room. Consider decorating in preperation for your new walk in. Whilst it is not necessary to decorate where the walk in will be (as the walls will be covered) you may want to paint or wallpaper any other visible walls. Choose something neutral or something that will tie in nicely with the wardrobe finish. You want the space to feel like it has a new lease of life, which it does, so think about the room overall and not just the wardrobes. You can also consider new carpet or flooring if needed.

One of the most common queries we get is should a walk in wardrobe have doors? The honest answer is: it’s up to you. Everyone is different, so you will need to go with what is best for you. Generally a walk in wardrobe will be it’s own space and especially in a box room which is an exisiting room in it’s own right, doors shouldn’t be necessary. If you have a door already being used to access the space, then there is no need for any doors in the walk in itself, you will want to enter the room and be able to see all your clothes and belongings on display.

Open Walk in Wardrobe

Finally once your walk in wardrobe has been fitted, you can add the finishing touches. It’s time to fill up the space, so once all of your clothes have been put away, see what the room feels like and if you want to add anything else in to the space. You could put in some decorative ornaments or maybe a houseplant. If you have wall space, maybe hang up some photos or artwork. You want your walk in wardorbe to not just be practical but also stylish, it needs to feel as comforting as the bedroom, almost like an extension of it.

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